PPDB Sulawesi Selatan

PPDB Sulawesi Selatan

Juli 2022

A website to facilitate over a hundred thousand students from Sulawesi Selatan to register to local high schools. This website gives information about PPDB (Penerimaan Peserta Didik Baru) for local high schools such as the general regulation, information on registration types, the schedule for registration, and the quota for each school and registration type. This project is conducted by a team consisting of 5 frontend developers, 6 backend developers, 2 infrastructure support, and 2 official support.


Tech Stack Used

This project is built with next js using typescript with several libraries such as :

  • Tailwindcss - CSS framework to customize web UI faster
  • React Hook Form - form utilities to handle validation easier
  • React Query - data fetch tools to get and update data from backend
  • Zustand - state-management solution to manage and store internal data
  • React Leaflet - react map components to display map easily
  • Cypress - JS end to end testing framework to test every possible activity faster

Lesson Learned

From this project, I learn so many things about team working and technical skills. I learn how to deal with new technologies through their official documentation. I also learn about project workflow in GitHub, like commit convention, utilize issue, and pull-request in GitHub. Last but not least, I learn how important communication within the team is.